One on One
A program that pairs a more experienced married couple, the mentor, with a less experienced married couple, the mentee. On an as-needed basis, the mentor couple serves as a guide for the mentee couple by helping the less experienced couple successfully navigate through and around some of the more common marital mistakes and pitfalls as it relates to faith, family, and finances.

Conflict Resolution (Round the Bases)
A nine-week session designed to assist couples in identifying areas of struggle and providing them with tools to overcome those areas. Register

8@8 Marriage Program
A program designed to foster healthy Christian marriage relationships outside of the walls of the church. Eight people (four couples) meet at an outside venue at 8 p.m. to fellowship at a bowling alley, movie theatre or local sporting event to connect and build relationships. The 8@8 groups meet quarterly.

Blended Family Support
A support group made up of married couples who have blended families which include children, grandchildren, parents, siblings and/or other family members that are non-biological to one spouse. The function of the support group is to offer encouragement and practical advice as it relates to the blended family. The ministry meets monthly.

Couples in Discipleship
A ten-month session for those married 3+ years that meets weekly and is designed to foster the discipleship of husbands and wives jointly, as a couple, resulting in a closer walk with God and a healthier marriage. Through classes, fellowships, and accountability among couples, we develop dynamic couples. Register

Newlyweds in Discipleship
First-time married couples who are married 3 years or less learn how to apply the word of God to their marriage every day. The ultimate Goal is to teach Godly principles to maintain a successful marriage that lasts a lifetime.  Register